What is Gea’s skin about?

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I have wanted to spend some time of my life to relate the feelings, thoughts and actions women of my time have experienced, who have birthed the renaissance of the paradigm of life. I have written this book with the aim of contributing with my humble and laborious work to the renaissance of the women’s culture that has taken place all over the world with tremendous strength in the last forty years. Joining is the typical female method of work opposite to which the male scientist method, based on dissection, analysis and violence, emerged. To join the feminine mosaic I’m offering you in this book has been a peaceful, daily and persevering task, not lacking of sense, power and vision. The vision is mine, of course, and my world’s. As a geographer I have re-united a female world with the words and works that have most resounded in me and with the ones I have best known how to string together and to show in a particular and a general way.